We should implement recycling habits in our daily life to conserve our nature: Dr. Mohammad Wasi Baig

We should implement recycling habits in our daily life to conserve our nature: Dr. Mohammad Wasi Baig

We are observing 5th June as World Environment day. We usually discuss some Environmental issues on this particular day. This is also fact that, generally our discussion concludes only raising Environmental issues related to our climate, planet, lives, and future as a civilization not practical solutions.

 Here I am sharing some daily routine environmental solutions. If we adopt and making small steps and adjustments in our daily routine will give us a sense of success and a yearning to attempt more. In present scenario solid waste are very critical issue for our environment, proper disposal of solid waste is very much necessary. Here I am sharing some simple ways, which can help the environment and can create an example to become more environmentally aware.

We should always carry our own reusable cup or water bottle when purchasing liquid. Use airtight, reusable food containers instead of sandwich bags and plastic wrap. Pack a waste-free lunch: carry our utensils, cloth napkin, and containers in reusable lunch bag. Bring our own bags to the grocery store

Consider buying bulk containers of our preferred beverages and refilling a reusable bottle, instead of buying individually-packaged drinks. Use rechargeable batteries. We are living in the Digital Era, but we frequently use paper products in our daily life. But, we should, print as little as possible; and if we must, print on both sides, we should print our assignment/thesis/ proposals/ application/projects on both sides. If possible, wrap gifts in fabric and tie with ribbon; both are reusable and prettier than paper and sticky-tape.

Turn the sink water off when brushing our teeth. Water the lawn in the morning or evening; cooler air causes less evaporation. Switch off anything that uses electricity when not in use (lights, televisions, computers, printers, etc.).Unplug devices when possible; even when an appliance is turned off, it may still use power .We can use eco-friendly pesticides and herbicides that won’t contaminate groundwater. Consider signing up for a renewable energy producer that uses 100% renewable energy to power homes.

We should educate our-self about what can and cannot be recycled, as not all plastic and cardboard is acceptable. Learn how to identify and dispose of hazardous waste properly. Definitely, Implementing recycling habits into our daily life is one of the most effective ways to help landfill waste, conserve natural resources, save habitats, reduce pollution, cut down on energy consumption, and slow down global warming.


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