Doctors and medical professionals are our real Life Heroes. Our heartfelt thanks and salute to you all - Dr. Wasi Baig

Doctors and medical professionals are our real Life Heroes. Our heartfelt thanks and salute to you all - Dr. Wasi Baig

National Doctors' Day is a day celebrated to recognize the contributions of doctor’s to individual lives , societies & communities. In our country, the National Doctors' Day is celebrated on July 1 to give homage & honour to the legendary physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. The theme of this year is “Lessen the mortality of COVID 19” which includes awareness about asymptomatic hypoxia and early aggressive therapy; there will not be any face-to-face meetings and celebrations. But organizing webinar and virtual meetings by video conferencing will help us more to know about this COVID-19 pandemics.

No doubt, doctors are the real heroes and COVID-19 warriors are an inspiration to one to all. In particular this year, we should convey a special thank you to all doctors and medical professionals for their service against the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Doctors give maximum to our society. Doctor’s do their best to save patients' lives, but their contribution and importance goes far beyond our limits. Doctors 24x 7 duties and responsibilities helping patients minimize pain, recover from a disease faster or learn to live with a disabling injury. A patient's ability to enjoy life, even if they can't be cured, makes a huge difference to them and to their families. If they can go back to work after an illness, that benefits their employer, too. And, that's only part of what makes doctors important to society.

We know that many people in our country and around the world can’t afford drugs, hospital treatment, hospitals expenses, surgery expenses etc. By promoting preventive medicine and keeping people healthy, doctors reduce the health gap between rich and poor populations. With the help of preventive treatment doctors help our society.

With the dedication of doctors and their hard word many pandemics like plague, smallpox, polio, have wiped out. By working to contain potential epidemics, doctors prevent disasters hope soon we will defeat COVID-19 pandemics very soon. 

Directly or indirectly doctors strengthen our economic impact too. They pay a huge amount of income tax to the Government and also increase employability. A hospital or medical practice can be an economic driver in towns too small to support most other industries.

I understand that, Doctors are also educating people. Doctors have the standing and the knowledge to push back against fake medical news. It's not just about teaching patients the real steps to staying healthy. Sometimes it's explaining that there is no cure and so no point to spending money trying to conjure one up.

In shaping health policy, doctors play a vital role in influencing our communities in health issues, drinking water issues, safe water issues, sanitation issues etc. whenever, contagious disease is a threat, our government mobilizes doctors. Doctors are only voice and choice among many other professionals who shape public policy. The reasons behind this are that doctors have unique respect and trust among the public.

So on the occasion of Doctor’s day we would like to convey our heartfelt thanks and wishes to all the doctors and medical professionals. You all are our real heroes and Covid warriors and inspiration to all.

Dr. Mohammad Wasi Baig

Chairman, NCPER, Aligarh



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