Food waste has social, economic as well as environmental impacts :  Dr. Mohammad Wasi Baig

Food waste has social, economic as well as environmental impacts :  Dr. Mohammad Wasi Baig

We are observing 7th June as a World Food Safety Day will be celebrated to draw attention and inspire action to help prevent, detect and manage food borne risks, contributing to food security, human health, economic prosperity, agriculture, market access, tourism and sustainable development. 

The theme of this year is “Food safety, everyone’s business”. This is our responsibilities to create awareness about importance of food in our daily life along with Food safety. Everybody has a role to play from farm to table to ensure the food we consume is safe and will not cause damages to our health. Through this day we can convey a message to all food safety is very important and also we have to reduce the burden of food borne disease globally.

In our Indian culture, food is considered to be sacred. Being a developing country, the amount of food wasted in India is comparatively less as compared to other developed countries. However, the rise in disposable income and easy accessibility to the food is gradually giving rise to food waste in India. Excess quantity of food cooked is the major reason for the food wastage. Overall, the householders claim to be aware about the repercussions of food waste and strongly agree that food should not be wasted.


Time has come, to show our importance regarding food safety and we strongly need to organized seminar, workshop, conference, special lecture , creating awareness amongst the general public, regarding direct and indirect repercussions of food waste on our economy, environment and to our society.


On the occasion of ”World Food Safety Day “ we should adopt following habits in our house hold for safety of our food. Our cooking should be as per our requirement; we should reuse the leftovers of our food, and for our better house hold planning like checking the stock at home before shopping regularly.


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